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Monday, 15-Jul-2013 02:55
Unpredicted bottleneck recognized within distribute associated
New research suggests that just one or two individual herpes virus particles attack a skin cell in the first stage of an outbreak, resulting in a bottleneck in which the infection may be vulnerable to medical treatment.Unlike most viruses that spread to new cells by bombarding them with millions of particles, herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) -- a virus that causes cold sores and genital lesions -- requires just one or two viral particles to infect a skin cell in the first stage of cold sore formation, Princeton University researchers reported in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The fact that just one or two virus particles are involved is surprising because these viruses can replicate themselves hundreds of times in a single cell, said Matthew Taylor, first author on the study and a postdoctoral researcher in the laboratory of Lynn Enquist, the Henry L. Hillman Professor in Molecular Biology http://www.sextoysbrand.com/anal-toys(anal toys) and the Princeton Neuroscience Institute.The bottleneck occurs when HSV-1 particles, which can lie dormant in the cells of the nervous system for decades after initial infection, awaken and invade a nearby skin cell, the first stage in sore formation. Once inside the skin cell, a single viral particle multiplies and spreads millions of copies to nearby skin cells, creating a visible lesion or cold sore.

The virus can then spread to new individuals through skin-to-skin contact.This restriction to one or two particles limits the genetic diversity of the virus that spreads to the next individual, Enquist said. This puts.a little spanking and bondage excitement, try our Spank Ties. They're perfect for beginners and can be used to bind wrists, tie ankles and can even be twisted together to make a spanking paddle!From the Sunday Mirror's very own Dr. Cath, we take a look at the topic of sex outdoors: &quot;Having sex in unusual places is a common fantasy. There may be several reasons for this.Firstly, having sex outdoors gets you close to nature and, let's face it; sex is one of the most animal acts we perform. Secondly, some of the power comes from the thrill created by the threat of discovery!However, sex outside can be uncomfortable.

Grass and insects are no match for a comfortable mattress and the back seat of a car doesn't give you much room for manoeuvre. If you're uncomfortable or concerned about being discovered you're not going to relax enough to enjoy sex.&quot;Wise words from Dr. Cath! A safer alternative, however, may be to read erotic stories about outdoor sex to each other. As its being whispered in your ear, you can create the mental imagery of the sexy outdoor scene but get to indulge in the i.cted by HIV care – the Ryan White Part D program; the only http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XeyKsqWIh3I(sexy girl) part of the Ryan White program to receive a cut in the President’s proposed budget. These forms of violence are inextricably linked.

Interpersonal and institutional violence cannot be seen in silos. Institutional violence, state-sanctioned violence against women, in the form of denial of medically necessary services, denial of equal pay, and failure to protect women’s bodily autonomy – paves the way for interpersonal violence. Media rampages attacking women pave the way for misogyny, for intimate partner violence, and ultimately for poor health http://www.sextoysbrand.com/brutal-dildos( cheap realistic dildos) outcomes that can complicate HIV vulnerability and disease progression.Thankfully we have an opportunity to begin to rectify these serious omissions from our domestic HIV response and our transgressions against women.

Today, the White House hosted a meeting to commemorate National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day by examining the intersection between violence against women, HIV, and gender-related health disparities. Let this be an opportunity to begin systematically incorporating an understanding of gender-based violence, sexual health, socio-economic factors, and reproductive rights into national and regional HIV prevention and care plans as well as concrete metrics for evaluation to which federal and regional responses will be accountable.

To achieve this, women will need to be present in meaningful and visible leadership at every step of policy and decision-making. Women’s rights, health care for women, women’s leadership, economic justice, and the HIV crisis among Black and Brown women are not separate issues. The lack of women, especially women of color, in decision-making roles inside and outside the HIV community, is no coincidence.Let’s be clear: if Limbaugh would call Sandra Fluke a “slut” and a “prostitute”, he would call women http://www.sextoysbrand.com/anal-toys-butt-plug-free-shipping-anal-plug-silicone-material-anal-sex-toys-sex-toys-sex-products-anal-sex-toy-for-woman-man-4906.html(butt plugs free shipping) living with and vulnerable to HIV a lot worse. It’s time the HIV community took a clear stand for women-centered services and to support women’s leadership.

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