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Monday, 15-Jul-2013 02:53
We are much more unaggressive compared to all of us forecast whe

Sexual harassment is devastating in and of itself for its victims, but new research shows there can be an even more insidious and troubling consequence that goes along with it.When confronted with sexual harassment, we don't stand up for ourselves to the extent we believe we will, and because we use false predictions as a benchmark, we condemn others who are passive in the face of sexual harassment, according to a new study co-authored by Ann Tenbrunsel, professor of business ethics at the University of Notre Dame.

In Double Victimization in the Workplace: Why Observers Condemn Passive Victims of Sexual Harassment, forthcoming in Organization Science, Tenbrunsel and researchers from the University of Utah and Brigham Young and Northwestern universities conducted five studies that explored observers' condemnation of passive victims.Pointing to the 1991 Senate confirmation hearings for Clarence Thomas' appointment to the Supreme Court, the researchers note that Anita Hill t. vibe that she would hide out in her room for days enjoying her new plastic playmate. When Miranda, Samantha and Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) finally burst in to Charlotte's room and prised the Rabbit vibrator out of her hands, millions of women around the world nodded their heads in mutual understanding of Charlotte's sudden attachment to her Jack Rabbit. Packing 7.2-inches and a whole lot of pearls!Perhaps the sexiest and most celebrity endorsed Rabbit vibrator in the world, the Vibratex Original Jack Rabbit Pearl Vibrator is a dual-action vibe that has inspired countless imitations.

Packing a substantial 7.2-inches and a compartment full of tumbling pearls at the base of the vibrator shaft (ideal for massaging your vaginal walls), when this vibe is fully inside you the tantalising 'bunny' tickler will fit around your clit for extra stimulation and a mind-blowing sensation. With a variety of speeds to choose from, as well as the relentless tumbling of pearls and superior clitoral excitement, it's no wonder Charlotte didn't want to leave her bedroom!Scream if you wanna go fasterAlthough it's not as str.ptember 17, 2011. You can register, donate or volunteer by going to www.walktobeattheclock.orgTF Chapters – Our organization is growing and as we share on our website we want to go global! We also attend many health fairs targeting different communities in Harlem, Spanish Harlem, Washington Heights and the South Bronx and we give information and bring awareness to this disease and prevention. We want to expand. We love being online, but we also know that education and help is often best offered in person.

Tamika Friends will work with you and others in your community to organize educational events such as those listed above. We will provide materials and expertise to help you hold informational sessions at your local library, attend health fairs, contact community health organizations and colleges/universities. Plus, we will help you connect women in need with medical and social support and assist in fundraising efforts.Tamika Friends is a great way to combine fun, friendship and making a difference. To get involved, or to request additional information, please contact Tanhea at tanhea@tamikaandfriends.org.How do you include men in HPV education and why is their inclusion important I particularly love men in the audience when I do my presentations.

Most of the time they shy away from the subject until they find out the HPV affects men and women. It is obvious, that they will not get cervical cancer but there are other cancers that men can get that are linked to HPV (i.e. penile, anal, throat). I also remind them that there are women in their lives (mom. sister, aunt, grandmother, godmother, girlfriends) and they have to support them. Knowledge is power for everyone.I believe that the inclusion of men is very important because in a way this disease affects everyone. Men also have to realized that the human papillomavirusaffects them too and it can lead to genital warts, penile cancer and anal cancer, to name a few. Recent studies have revealed that throat cancer is in the rise for men due to thehuman papillomavirus. It is also important that boys and young men 9-26 years old know that they are able to get the HPV vaccine.What support services exist for cervical cancer survivors via Tamika Friends, Inc.

One of the services already mentioned is the Gift of Giving which helps cervical cancer patients/survivors pay their bills. We have a certified counselor on board if they want to talk, a gynecologist, and nurse;we also offer emotional support (online coming soon). Family support is awesome but to talk and be supported by someone that has gone through what you have gone through makes a difference. Tamika and Friends, Inc. can be the other family in a survivors life.What else would you like to have readers know about Tamika Friends, Inc.Believing that creative communication is far more infectious than HPV – we provide many hands-on ways to spread the word to women in all walks of life. We may be reached using social media and our website.You can reach out to us by visiting our website: www.sextoysbrand.com, onFacebookandTwitter. You can read our blogWe Can Prevent Cervical Cancer.

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