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Wednesday, 27-Mar-2013 22:03
I will talk more about this when he gets home
Will be attending as aapparently she is up for the job of deputy managaress, which is worrying me again. I know, i know Im being silly but I just cant help it. I trust Jake 100%, its her I dont trust and a weekend away! Grrrrrrrrrr I will talk more about this when he gets home.

Hontain myself before walking towards the store. I peered inside and none of them could be found. My blood started to boil again….now the paranoia was setting in full throttle.I headed towards Jakes office and knocked on the door nervously. Jake appeared almost immediately and although he looked surprised, he was very happy to see me. He led me inside and I scoured the office for Trixie, but she was nowhere in sight. My shoulders sagged with relief as I felt his arms wrap around me and pull me close. He kissed me and I kissed him back savouring his warm lips against mine. When we finally pulled away I asked nonchalantly, “Where’s Trixie today?” He drew in his eyebrows and laughed. “Why Miss Brennan, I do believe that you really are jealous!” “No I’m not.” I lied and pouted in a childlike .

Ard as I swept my hand over the toy. I smirked and rushed back to bed and examined the toy, and how beautiful it looked.Now as you all know the We Vibe 1 and 2 can be activated by a push button which is great, but the We Vibe 3 has a remote control, which is even better! The one thing I do know about the We Vibe range is that they are ideal for couples because not only does the arm slip nicely inside the woman; there is also room for a mans penis, so you can enjoy intercourse as well as enjoying the We Vibe.Never mind, I don’t have a man and I want a go hehe!

I lay back and spread my legs wide open, inserted one arm inside me and the other rested on my hardened clit. I turned on the vibrator with the remote and started off with a low

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